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Security of realizing projects based on project specifications
Ensuring lead time of  commissions. By providing all necessary information, Marmoinox guarantees the delivery of an elevator or any other product in 5 weeks from order
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Research and development office
He works to create innovations that are functional inside and outside the company, for our customers. The products and services of carpentry Read more…
Technical office
He takes care of the orders to be carried out daily. Each technician follows customer specifically: the customization of needs is indeed essential Read more...
Laser Cutting
The first laser arrived when Marmo Laser was born, and joined Marmo Snc, in 1998. Those were frenetic years, the equipment was fully integrated into business processes, but soon after two years it wasn’t enough Read more…
homepage basso
Welding wasn’t born as a department but as one of the first functions performed at Marmoinox. The work is initially very traditional. Read more...
Assembling department
This is the subsequent stage to welding. Thanks to the experience collected in years, we created a new department dedicated to mechanical assembling, that helps us providing a complete service for every need Read more…
All the semi‐finished products that went through the stages of welding and assembly are inspected. For finished products, we provide a real test that evaluates the operation of all electrical and mechanical  parts.Read more…

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