Carpentry Frameworks and  Structures

A Framework is a carpentry structure that can present many facets. It involves a type of manufacturing across‐the‐board with different sectors, carrying out mainly two   functions:

  • Support
  • Protection


In this case, the bearing structure is common component in any industrial machine. In fact, the machine of the customer is inserted on this frame.


The product can be realised ad hoc for a specific component or complementary to a perimetral protection.


telai e strutture


Frameworks and structures are always manufactured from a specific request from the customer. Our technicians engage in optimizing an existing project or finalizing it in every  detail.

Most Frameworks are hybrid, with the addition of specific metal sheets, a casing or even just fixing bars.

Today our products are manufactured using 3D laser cut. In this way, we can offer to our customers:

  • High level  of  precision: the material is cut according to the preferred gradation and with great accuracy
  • Less soldering: superior fastening thanks to interlocking solutions, often univocal, in order to eliminate the likelihood of error during
  • New possibilities: some products can be manufactured only through 3D laser cut, such as hexagonal trenches for  insertions.

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