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Steel Metalworking Process and How it Affects many Industries

Metals had played a huge part in civilization since our ancestors discovered that these can be manipulated for use in daily living. With the combination of metals such as Tin, Copper, Steel, Iron and Chromium, we had come up with a lightweight material that can be easily manipulated but is very durable. Steel metalworking had since been a major industry that we are producing large scale amounts for parts, electronics, etc and even jewelry!

Three Methods of Steel Metalworking

There are methods of steel metalworking that you should know about. Each of these methods depends on what kind of metal you are using and what the project is for. These are the three methods of steel metalworking: 1. Hot Working. This is a process that everyone is familiar with. By heating up the metal, it makes it more malleable and easily manipulated or molded. You can press, hammer, and bend it according to what you want. This usually applies to iron-based alloys and metals. 2. Cold Working. The exact opposite of hot working, cold working utilizes extreme cold temperatures to manipulate metals. Because of extreme low temperatures, cold working eliminates shrinkages and therefore creates compact and dense metal. This creates strength and elasticity but decreases durability. 3. Extruding. If you are hoping to apply more flexibility on your end-product, extruding would be a good process to implement. By forcing soft metals such as lead, tin and aluminum on a die, it would take its shape on the desired cross-section of the finished extrusion. This method is commonly used on structural parts such as T and Z sections.

Steel Metal Working as an Industry

If you think steel metalworking is simply about bending and shaping metals, then you have a lot to learn. This multi-billion industry serves a big role in other major industries as well such as automotive, electronics, construction, appliances, and telecommunications among many others. Not only does it involve manipulating metals but it also deals with fabricating, cleaning, plating metallic or non-metallic plates, etc. Distribution and marketing is also involved within the business process in the industry.

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