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MarmoinoX is an italian reality that produces plants and equipments in stainless steel for the bottling and packaging industry.

MarmoinoX was born in 1963 in Canelli, in what is called the Sylicon Valley of wine production machineries, in between of Langhe and Monferrato, from Luigi Marmo’s vision. The founder opened the business focusing on iron carpentry, building structures and aluminium fixtures. 


 Then in the ‘80s the turning point linked to the processing of stainless steel: in collaboration with his sons Paolo and Roberto, Luigi Marmo started to provide steel cutting and bending services. A winning choice, that projected the family company into a cutting-edge technology sector. 


In 1998 Marmo Laser s.r.l. was born, specialized in steel cutting, a success that tremendously broaden the amount of business services with a team of technicians and programmers that study and design with last generation 3D software for every type of technologic solutions.


In 2004 Marmo s.n.c. and Marmo Laser s.r.l. merged into the new Marmoino s.r.l.

This reality was born in order to satisfy all the requirements for cutting steel  high end service, also because our job is not only about cutting and bending steel, only an in- depth know-how can 

guarantee the accurate and precise finishes needed.

Seriousness, competence and experience are the foundations of our corporate philosophy. To honor these values we chose the most modern technologies, as we are convinced that a good job comes from the professionalism of the people who carry it out.


In this context a technical planning and development department is formed to speed up the innovations and to make dreams, and the systems to achieve them, more concrete.

MarmoinoX continues to invest in the training of new generations, the professionalization of new workers and the continuous updating of its employees.

Because the future of the company depends on the people that will build it.

Our team, our families 

People form and shape MarmoinoX every day. That’s why weinvest in the training and continuous update of not only our current employees, but also the future ones.For more than ten years MarmoinoX provided scholarship for students of technical institutes in Canelli, invested in school supplies and funded research, such as the 4.0 industry survey carried out by Apro in collaboration with Deloitte. An internal training room allows for the organization of conferences  and insights for employees, suppliers and customers.

Today the company is managed by the two brothers Paolo, CEO MarmoinoX, and Roberto,CEO of R&D.
Together with fifty collaborators they carry on the future of the company and they enhance the territory that made them born and glow.

Who believes in us



"La MarmoinoX offre un servizio di ottima qualità, sia dal punto di vista del supporto tecnico commerciale, che nel rispetto delle consegne.

Gli elevatori di tappi acquistati non hanno mai deluso le aspettative, risultano di qualità sia dal punto di vista costruttivo che di finiture superficiali.

Migliorabile il sistema di ancoraggio dei trasportatori, per una movimentazione in sicurezza.
Consiglierei la MarmoinoX come un'azienda affidabile e preparata, dotata di un’organizzazione interna adeguata ad affrontare sfide competitive anche sul campo Internazionale."

— GEA PROCOMAC - Valerio Dametti (Purchasing Manager) - 18 Dicembre 2019

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