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Protect the health of your customers and employees

What we are experiencing in this moment is a big stress test, that is putting a huge strain on system, people and global economy.

We cannot be indifferent to what TV and newspapers tell us every day…
And this emergency is our present, unfortunately.

In the last few weeks, increasingly stringent protocols have been defined to contain and fight the virus. This is how we realized that our behaviours are constantly changing.

We all have a big responsibility now: to manage the present while thinking about the future.

How will be our life after Covid-19?
Let’s get ready to embrace this big change as the “new normality”.

Surely, there will be more and more restrictive security measures, but the world must go on and we can’t stop.

For more than 50 years, SAFETY has been the focus of our work and now we decided to provide our competences to help companies and commercial activities getting ready for their reopening by automating checking and reducing the virus diffusion!

Our electronic and informatics experts, in collaboration with a team of professional staff, have designed the line of ANTI COVID SAFETY DEVICES:

Protect the health of your customers and employees
The line “ACCESS GUARD” allows you to guarantee a safe automatic management of people entering in work places, public spaces and commercial activities.

Learn more about Access Guard

The key word is: FLEXIBILITY!

With these devices you can: 

•           measure body temperature using a thermal imager
•           have a facial-recognition
•           sanitise hands in an automatic way
•           supply protective face masks
•           sanitise shoes
•           connect the software to other devices used for the attendance management


Thanks to Access Guard you can AUTOMATE CHECKS AND PREVENT THE VIRUS SPREAD, without forgetting the importance of taking all the containment measures in full respect of Ministerial Decrees (safety distance, rooms disinfection, etc.)


“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today”


Don’t miss this opportunity and get a preview of the Access Guard device that best suits to your needs!

Access Guard is one of the Safety Devices to apply the Covid Protocols and its purchase falls under the spending introduced by Article 64 of "Cura Italia" Law Decree that provides the amount of a 50% tax credit of the costs incurred until 31 December 2020.
Protect the health of your customers and employees
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